Business Tax Planning

NDHA performs a full range of business tax planning services for its clients, including:

  • When you are forming an entity, NDHA determines and recommends, based upon the nature of your business, the best type of entity for you, including the best classification of the entity for federal tax purposes.
  • After your entity is formed, NDHA assists you with the numerous issues that arise in the course of operating the business and performs any year-end tax planning.
  • NDHA performs state sales and franchise tax planning, which is becoming increasingly important as the Texas Comptroller takes more aggressive positions pertaining to these taxes.
  • If you buy or sell a business, the business and tax planning process must be started early, and NDHA will assist you with the complex business and tax planning that is required.  For example:
    • NDHA helps you determine whether to structure the transaction as an asset sale, a sale of the equity interests in the company being purchased and sold or a merger (or consolidation) of the company being sold into the acquiring company.  Many tax and non-tax factors must be considered in making this decision.
    • NDHA advises you as to whether the transaction will be tax-free or taxable, and if taxable, the tax consequences to the client, its equity holders, the effects on basis and any NOL carryforwards.
    • If you are discontinuing business operations, your entity will need to be terminated, which also requires careful consideration of a number of tax and non-tax factors.