Forming Business Entity

NDHA provides the business and tax planning services that are required to start a new business or form a new entity.

  • NDHA selects the best type of entity to operate your business from the following options:
    • A corporation (including whether the corporation will be a C corporation or an S corporation under federal income tax laws);
    • A limited liability company (LLC); or
    • A partnership.
  • NDHA prepares and files the documents required to form your entity.  
  • In connection with the formation of your entity, NDHA drafts:
    • Buy-Sell agreements;
    • Shareholder agreements;
    • Company operating agreements; and
    • Partnership agreements.
  • In connection with the operation of your business entity, NDHA advises on common operational and compliance issues and drafts: 
    • Documents to limit the risk of personal liability;
    • Property agreements;
    • Lease agreements; and
    • Employee contracts.