Other Estate Planning Issues

Estate planning also requires you to consider: 

  • Who will handle your financial affairs if you become disabled;
  • Who will make medical decisions for you if you are not able to make those decisions;
  • Who will be authorized to receive your medical records and information?
  • Do you want to be placed on life support if you become terminally ill?

NDHA can review these issues with you and develop a plan that meets your specific needs.  As part of this review, NDHA will assist you with the following:

Durable Power of Attorney.  If you become disabled, no one has the authority to handle your financial affairs until you have been declared incompetent and a guardian has been appointed for you and your estate.  Guardianship proceedings are lengthy, costly and extremely stressful for families. You can avoid these problems by executing a durable power of attorney.

Medical Power of Attorney.  You can execute a medical power of attorney which grants the authority to make medical decisions on your behalf to another person if you are unable to make medical decisions for yourself.

Directive to Physicians (Also known as a Living Will). In a directive to physicians, also known as a living will, you state that you do not wish to be placed on life support if you have been diagnosed as terminally ill.

HIPAA Release Authorization.  Without the HIPAA Release Authorization, the person named as your agent in your medical power of attorney will not have any access to your medical information or medical records and will not be able to make informed decisions on your behalf.